Nick "NK" Walker was an admin for Rated Awesome: Reborn, a veteran of Rated Awesome and the Mini Crit war, as well as Admin of the Rated Awesome Wiki. He's a surviving member of the Rated Awesome Panty Raid. Well known for being 3 years old as well as creator of the youtube channel critikal. Nick Walker was a regular (and later admin) at the Rated Awesome servers before Blackglade killed them.

Nick Walker II
Nks card

Born into a life of crime Nick would do anything to protect those he loved and had dreams of becoming a wealthy man. One day while browsing a stolen laptop he discovered Team Fortress 2 and the Trade server Rated Awesome. Certain Items in TF2 were valued at thousands of dollars, seeing this Nick decided this was where he would start his empire.

Current Status: Mentally impaired, continuously refusing to wash Niko's clothes, and plotting a hostile takeover of Rated Awesome

Current Alias: Nick Walker II