The entire history of Rated Awesome can more or less be divided and summed up into few different categories

The Birth Of Rated Awesome

A long time ago, a young boy named Harsh Paid was living in a gutter, having been honorably discharged from The Great War. One night Harsh saw a truck carrying various computers that were being donated to a local school. Seeing this, Harsh quickly chased after it in hopes of getting something good. after a quick raid Harsh left with an armful of computer parts, a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor. Through trial and error he eventually crafted his own shitty PC. Upon browsing the internet in a local coffee shop he discovered a website called "Steam" filled with various video games. However since he didn't have a single cent to his name, he couldn't afford any of them. Seemingly defeated Harsh was ready to turn off his PC when he suddenly noticed a game that was free, it was called Team Fortress 2. Excited, Harsh quickly installed the game and spent countless hours on Anime and Furry Servers. After a few months of hopping from server to server he eventually decided to make his own, It was then that Rated Awesome was born.

The Rise of Rated Awesome

Coming Eventually? (when Blackglade feels like it)

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