Harsh "BlackGlade" Paid is the Founding Father of Rated Awesome, and well known for his support of eugenics. During The Great War Harsh Paid fought along side with his fellow troops in the trenches however due to being "Too tired" he could no longer fight and was Dishonorably discharged. While walking home one night, a mysterious man


with a hood suddenly appeared and told him to start a TF2 Trade Server. Confused glade began to question him when suddenly the man ran off and the last thing glade saw was his blue streaks of hair. Unsure of what to do next, glade decided to follow the mans orders and create a trade server. He soon realized that he needed help to enforce the rules on the servers, putting on his trench coat, he set off to find some admins.

Current Status: "Working for the Mann" ~ Glade, alcoholic, niko's slave

Current Alias - Blackglade



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