Below is a ranking list concieved by Niko(Dr. Louie) which ranks all of R@ members(current/past) in order of how big of a fegit they are. With C Rank being a little fegitty, while S++ Rank has more fegitry in them than Mt Everest has dead climbers.

Fegit Ranking List Revamped

S++ Rank- Blackglade

S+ Rank- Wifiguy (motherfucker), Shirkcules, Deathfury (Devanti or whatever), NickyGlade (fucking stallvic), RainOrange

S Rank- Merc, Ampersand, Dr.Louie, Commando

A Rank- Sketchy, Bluewolf (Nurse Blue), Chocolate Diet Caffeine-Free Coke Zero

B Rank- Matteo, Nukey

C Rank- Nick Walker II

Hey, Vsauce Rank- Michael Stevens

Super Fegit Rank- Blackglade

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