Carter "Sketchy" Phillips was one of several admins of Rated Awesome, and at one point Head Admin. He is also a veteran of the Mini Crit War.

Sketchy (3)

Hailing from the Horn of Somalia, This young man spent his earlier years as an African Warlord, ruling with an iron fist. When the Somalia people were finally crushed under his boots he decided to show the rest of the world some "Somalian Love". He was unsure of where to start his reign until a mysterious man in a trench coat appeared and offered him some people to rule over. handing him a note that said "Rated Awesome" the man turned into sand and blew away in the wind. With a large grin on his face, Sketchy cracked his knuckles and prepared for his next kingdom.

Current Status: "Buy me games" - Sketchy, 2017

Current Alias As: Sketchy

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